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We offer all of these services on an hourly basis
  • Cash Flow & Balance Sheet Planning
    Financial Goal Setting Net Worth Calculations Current Cash Inflow/Outflow Analysis Budget Development & Implementation
  • Retirement Planning
    Retirement Savings/Accumulation Retirement Spending/Decumulation Retirement Vehicle Selection
  • Investment Planning
    Asset Allocation Portfolio Construction Investment Selection Annuities Review
  • Tax Planning
    Tax Strategies Tax Projections/Modeling Tax Withholding Analysis
  • Executive Compensation Planning
    Stock Concentration Analysis & Diversification Planning Cost Basis Research Public Company Stock Option Modeling/Restricted Stock Analysis Private Company Stock Option Modeling/Restricted Stock Analysis Deferred Compensation Election Planning
  • Estate Planning
    Beneficiary Review Asset/Liability Summary Report Bequest Planning Implementation Assistance
  • Insurance Planning/Risk Management
    Property & Casualty Liability Health Life Disability Long-Term Care
  • Stock Option Modeling/Optimization
    Do you receive stock options (NQs and/or ISOs) from your company and aren't quite sure what to do with them? Let us analyze them and provide some alternatives that coincide with your financial goals.
  • Restricted Stock Planning
    Do you receive restricted stock as part of your long-term incentive with your company? Do you have a plan for its various vesting periods? Let us help you take a big picture view of this benefit and develop a plan for it that matches your financial goals.
  • Deferred Compensation Optimization
    Does your company offer a deferred compensation plan and if so, are you taking full advantage of it? Have you structured the deferral amounts and distribution elections (in-service and termination) to match your goals? Let us analyze your plan and make sure you are making the proper choices each year.
  • Stock Concentration Analysis
    Through employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs), stock options, and restricted stock, and/or other accounts, is a large part of your asset allocation invested in your company's stock? Let us help you determine the amount your company's stock represents of your entire investment portfolio and develop plans for better diversifying it.
  • Cost Basis Research & Detail
    Have you been purchasing ESPP shares for years but haven't kept the cost bases for these purchases? Do you know the cost basis of stock options you've exercised over the years? Let us help you research and organize those cost bases. Once organized, we will even send it to your brokerage account(s) so it will be stored electronically there going forward so you don't need to worry about it in the future, particularly when it's time to sell those investments.
  • Estate Planning Preparation
    Do you need to create your Will (or Trust) but don’t know where to begin? Or is your current Will (or Trust) in need of an update? Let us help you organize your assets, accounts, beneficiary designations, etc. and/or review your current plan so that you have everything in order when you meet with your estate planning attorney.
  • Estate Planning Implementation
    Do you need help updating your account beneficiaries, retitling your assets and/or consolidating accounts after finalizing your estate plan? Let us help you with these time-consuming and tedious tasks.
  • Estate Settlement Assistance
    Are you the executor of a loved-one’s estate? The estate settlement process can be long and arduous in the best of times, but is particularly challenging when you are grieving the loss of your family member. Let us help you manage the process and complete many of the tedious, time-consuming steps.
  • Investment Implementation
    Whether implementing changes in your 401(k), IRA or taxable account, we walk you through these changes step-by-step.
  • Executive Compensation Implementation
    Exercising stock options can be complex, so we do this with you.
  • Estate Planning Implementation
    Retitling your financial accounts to coincide with your estate plan can be extremely tedious, challenging and time-consuming, so we help you with every step of this process.
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