Cost Basis
Research & Detail


Did you purchase investments many years ago but don't know the cost bases for them?  Do you have years of financial statements stuffed into drawers somewhere collecting dust?  Let me help you research and organize that cost basis.  Once organized, I will even send it to your brokerage account(s) so it will be stored electronically there going forward so you don't need to worry about it in the future, especially when it's time to sell those investments.

Tax Documentation Preparation


Do you struggle to make sense of all the documents you need to provide to your accountant?  I can help you organize those documents and even assist in completing your accountant's tax organizer form.


Financial Account Consolidation


Have you amassed a litany of financial accounts over the years and wish to consolidate them?  I can help you with that very time-consuming and tedious process.

Stock Concentration Analysis


Through employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs), stock options, and restricted stock, and/or other accounts, is a large part of your asset allocation invested in your company's stock?  Let me help you determine the amount your company's stock represents of your entire investment portfolio and develop plans for better diversifying it.

Restricted Stock Planning


Do you receive restricted stock as part of your long-term incentive with your company?  Do you have a plan for its various vesting periods?  Let me help you take a big picture view of this benefit and develop a plan for it that matches your financial goals.

Stock Option Modeling/


Do you receive stock options (NQs and/or ISOs) from your company and aren't quite sure what to do with them?  Let me analyze them and provide some alternatives that coincide with your financial goals. 

Asset Allocation Summary


Do you know how much of your portfolio is in stocks, bonds, cash, or other investments?  Do you know how much exposure you have to international investments?  Do you know the allocation make-up of your mutual funds and how they may affect your overall asset allocation?  Let me provide you with an asset allocation summary that will help ensure that your investments are in line with your financial goals.

Deferred Compensation


Does your company offer a deferred compensation plan and if so, are you taking full advantage of it?  Have you structured the deferral amounts and distribution elections (in-service and termination) to match your goals?   Let me analyze your plan and make sure you are making the proper choices each year.

Other Financial Organizing Services


Do you have other financially-related organizing projects that you just can't seem to find the time or motivation to tackle?  Ask me if I can help you with them.

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