While financial organization is beneficial for everyone, here are some people who may benefit the most from our services:
  • Company executives with restricted stock, stock options and/or deferred compensation plans;

  • Adult children seeking assistance in organizing their elderly parents’ financial affairs;

  • Widows/widowers or their immediate family and/or executors/personal representatives of an estate who need assistance with sorting out a decedent’s finances;

  • People who have held their investments for many years, wish to sell them, but have kept only limited details of the price they originally paid for them (i.e., their cost basis);

  • Recently married couples who want to consolidate their financial accounts;

  • Recently divorced people who want to make sure that their financial assets/accounts are divided appropriately in accordance with their divorce decree;

  • People who struggle to get their paperwork organized and/or completed for their accountant for their tax filings; and,

  • Busy people who have little time to organize their finances themselves

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