While financial organization is beneficial for everyone, here are some examples of people who may benefit the most from my services:
  • Company executives with restricted stock, stock options and/or deferred compensation plans
  • People who have held their investments for many years, wish to sell them, but have kept only limited details of the price they originally paid for them
  • Recently married couples who want to consolidate their financial accounts
  • Busy people who are overwhelmed with juggling work, kids, home projects and/or life, and have little time to organize their finances themselves
  • Recently or soon to be divorced people who want to make sure that their financial assets/accounts are in proper order, not just for themselves but also for their children
  • People who struggle to get their paperwork together for their accountant for their taxes
  • Widows/widowers or their immediate family who need assistance with sorting out their deceased family member's finances


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